Minggu, 15 November 2009

Pacquiao Mengalahkan Cotto di Ronde 12

Manny Pacquiao berhasil merebut gelar juara dunia tinju kelas welter versi WBO melalui kemenangan TKO di ronde 12 atas Miguel Cotto.

Sebenarnya Pacquiao mengharapkan dia dapat menang di ronde ke 11 karena Cotto sudah terlihat sangat lelah.

Berikut ini adalah kutipan wawancara pasca pertandingan dengan Pacquiao yang diambil dari Sports Live Blogger.

“Our plan and strategy for the fight is not to hurry. You know, take time. I’m trying to test his power. In the early round I’m trying to get his in the body and in the head. I’m looking for a knock out shot that’s why I didn’t throw a lot of punches. You know, in the last minute I gave a few punches. That’s why I heard. I heard that he was bigger than me and was stronger than me. I tried my best to knock him out in the last round. I thought in the 11th round that they will stop thefight.” Manny Pacquiao

Ketika ditanya siapa lawan berikutnya :
My job is to fight in the ring. I think it’s my promoter’s decision of who will I fight next. I want to spend time with my family as of now and I want to spend a vacation. It’s a hard fight tonight, you know.

What do you think is going on in Manila and in the Philippines?
I think my Filipino fans are screaming today and they are very happy of my victory today. I want to thank you the Filipinos who came here today, specially the first gentleman and the Vice President. Thank you. Thank you to all!

Gambar-gambar pertandingan tersebut dapat dilihat di sini

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